New approved rates of investigations/procedures under WBHS 2008

Government of West Bengal 
Finance Department 
Audit Branck 
Medical Cell

No. 3907-F (MED) Dt. 16-05-2013


Revised rate list under the West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008 was published under the Finance Department’s Notification No. 796-F (MED), dated 31-01-11 and subsequently amended under Finance Department’s Notification Nos. 5733-F (MED), dt. 07-06-2011, 6503-F (MED), dt. 27-07-2012, 7641-F (MED), dt. 06-09-2012, 9632-F (MED), dt. 29-11-2012 and 1934-F (MED), dt. 06-03-2013. Now, some Health Care Organisations have pointed out to the absence of rates for some procedures/ investigations in the Rate List.

Accordingly, the Governor is pleased to approve the rates of the following procedures/ investigations and their incorporation into the Rate List under the West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008.


Code Name of the Procedure/ Implant/ Investigation Maximum Approved Rate (Rupees)
01003061 Unilateral Pre-Auricular Sinus Operation 23,400/-
01009007 CRIB (Critical Ward Bed) 800/-
02009036 Transvaginal Sonography 800/-
02011067 Malarial Antigen Detection 450/-
02015221 Aerobic by Bactec 900/-
02015222 Dengue Serology IgG & IgM 1,200/-
02020018 Doppler Carotid Artery 1,700/-
02020019 Flowtron Excel (DVT) 500/-
02028053 CT Dual Phase Study – Liver 5,000/-
02028054 Fibroscan 3,500/-
02033032 Septic Profile (Hb, TC, DC, Platelets, ESR, P.Smear, Toxic Granules, Band Cell, CRP) 780/-
03002005 Cost of Injection Lucentis 45,000/-

These rates will take effect from the date of issue of the order.

By order of the Governor,

Special Secretary to the

Government of West Bengal