Government of West
Finance Department
Audit Branch
No. : 4011-F(P) Kolkata. the 20th May. 2013.


In terms of this Department’s Memo No. 9008-F(P), dated 16th September, 2011, it was decided tn allow appropriate emoluments and other certain terminal benefits to the Casual / Daily rated / Contractual Workers who rendered service for a substantial period remaining attached to various Governments Establishments. The question of upward revision of monthly remuneration of the said Casual /Daily Rated / Contractual \i\Corkers who have remained engaged in various
Government Establishments for a considerable period of time has been under active consideration of the Government for some time past. After careful consideration of the matter and In modification of Memo No.9008-F(P), dated 16th September, 2011, the undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to say that the Governor has now been pleased to enhance the remuneration of the Casual / Daily Rated / Contractual Workers as follows :-
Casual/ Daily Rated / Contractual Workers
In Group ‘D’ category
Less than 1 ° years Rs. 7,000/- p.m. I
More than 10 years Rs. 8,500/- p.m. I
In Group ‘C’ category
Less than 10 years Rs. 8,500/- p.m.
More than 10 years Rs.l1,000/-p.m.
The number of years of engagement will be determined as on 01.04.2013. All other . terms and conditions will same as in Finance Department’s Memo No. 9008-F(P), dated 16th September, 2011. This order will be effective from 01.05.2013.

Sd/- A. K. Das
O.S.D. & E.O. Jt. Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal.

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