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No. Pay/Tech-I/01(6th CPC)/2013/Cir-10 Date: 08/04/2013


All Group Controllers

All Br. AOs

Sub: Stepping up of pay of the senior with reference to the revised pay of juniors applicability of Notes 7 & 10 below Rule 7 (1) of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008.


Several references have been received from some of the Factories as well as Br. AOs seeking clarification for stepping up of pay to the senior Fireman at par with their juniors appointed on or after 1.1.2006 in terms of Ministry of Defence I D No. 11(4)/2008/D (Civ-I) dtd 06-05-2011.

The matter was taken up with the OFB for preparation of common seniority list in respect of Fireman grade to fulfill one of the conditions stated in the ibid MOD order.

The OFB after repeated reminders has intimated that the seniority of the Fireman grade in OF Organisation is maintained locally at the Factory Level. The Staff Side has also agreed in the JCM Level-III to continue present system of maintaining seniority of the Fireman grade at the Factory level as the these employees are not susceptible to transfer from one Factory to another Factory.

The availability of element of Direct Recruitment, the other condition stated in the above MOD order 6.5.2011, has been provided in the SRO-32 of 4.5.2012.

Keeping in the view of the above, this office is of opinion that the benefit of steeping up may be extended to the senior Fireman in those factories where a junior Fireman appointed on or after 1.1.2006 is actually drawing higher pay than his senior provided the senior and the junior belongs to the same seniority list maintained in the concerned Fy. The benefit will not be admissible in the grade of Leading Fireman as in that grade the element of direct recruitment is not available.

P C of A (Fys) has been consulted.

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