Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions
(Department of Personnel &Training)

2nd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan, New Delhi-110003
Dated the April 2013


Subject: Promotion of Section Officers of the CSS to Grade I (Under Secretary) of the CSS on adhoc basis.
The undersigned is directed to say that this Department is in the process of bringing out upto date Select Lists in the grade of Under Secretary in consultation with UPSC. As this process will take some time, and in the meanwhile in order to meet the immediate requirement of officers at the level of Under Secretary it is proposed to promote officers on adhoc basis.
2. Section Officers upto SOSL-2003 and who have not yet been promoted to the grade of US on adhoc basis will be considered for promotion against the existing vacancies. The list of such officers is enclosed at Annexure-I to this OM.
3. Further there are twenty three officers who were earlier promoted on adhoc basis but did not avail promotion on account of various reasons leading to cancellation of the promotion orders in their respect. The list of such officers is enclosed at Annexure-ll to this OM. These officers may also be considered for adhoc promotion in case they express their willingness. However, their cases will be considered only on case to case basis taking into account reasons on which they earlier declined adhoc promotion.
4. Vigilance status:- Accordingly, Ministries/ Departments concerned where the officers are currently posted are requested to inform the vigilance status ofthese officers (in respect ofofficers both in Annexure-I and Annexure-ll) for further action by this Department.
The vigilance status of these officers should reach this Department latest by 10th May 2013, failing which the cases of officers concerned will not be considered for adhoc promotion.
5. Personal information:- Officers concerned are also advised to furnish their personal particulars in the format at Annexure-lll.
Information in respect of these officers should also be complete in all respects in the web based cadre management software uploaded at Itshould be noted that ifthe information of any officer in the web based software is not complete such officer will not be considered for adhoc promotion.
6. Vacancy position:- The incumbency and vacancy position in the grade of Under Secretary should also tally with the information as available in the web based cadre management software. Itshould be noted that posting of officers will be made only on the basis of information available in the web based system.

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