(Railway Board)

No PC-V/2011/M/4/NFIR                                                New Delhi, dated 05.03.2013

The General Secretary NFIR
3, Chelmsford Road, 
New Delhi-110055


Sub:-Grant of Financial upgradation under MACPS to the employees holding feeder post in a cadre where promotional post is in same Grade Pay.

The undersigned is directed to refer to NFIR’s letter No. IV/MACPS/09/Pt-6, dated 31/01/2013 and to state that the provisions contained in Para-1 of Annexure to Board’s letter dt.10-06-09 may be read alongwith the provision contained in Para-8 of Annexure to said letter dated 10-06-09 which stipulates that promotions earned in the Post carrying same Grade Pay in the promotional hierarchy as per Recruitment Rules shall be counted for the purpose of MACP Scheme.

It is further stated that on receipt of references from Zonal Railways seeking clarification as to what Grade Pay would be admissible under MACPS to an employee holding feeder post In a cadre where promotional post is in the same Grade pay, a reference was made to DoP&T seeking their clarificaticn. Based on the clarifications given by DOP&T, Board’s letter dated 13-12-2012 has been issued Since DoP&T is nod al department, of Govt. on the subject of MACPS, this Ministry is not in position to deviate from the instructions/clarifications issued by them.

In view of the above, Federations is requested may please appreciate the position.