Government of India
Ministry of Railways
(Railway Board)

RBE No.14/2013

No. PC-VI/201 0/1/7/5/2                                          New Delhi, dated.11.02.2013
The GMs/CAOs(R),
All Indian Railways & Production Units
(As per mailing list)
Sub: Advance increments granted to Stenographers of Subordinate Offices on qualifying speed test in shorthand at 100/120 w.p.m. regarding.
In accordance with the provisions contained in this Ministry’s letter No.PC-IV/2010/increment/1 dated 19.08.2010 on the subject cited above, the Advance Increments granted to Stenographers of Subordinate Offices on qualifying speed test in shorthand at 100/120 w.p.m. are treated as pay for all purposes.
2. Consequent upon implementation of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 the concept of Pay Band and Grade Pay has been introduced. Since, there are no fixed rates of increments now, the manner in which advance increment(s)
are to be computed has been examined afresh keeping in view the clarification given by DOP&T. Further, after issue of clarifications vide Board’s letter of even number dated 11.04.2011, this Ministry has received references from some
Railways/Production Unit seeking clarifications regarding grant of advance increments. Accordingly, it has been decided that the grant of advance increments to Stenographers of Subordinate Offices on qualifying the speed test in shorthand at 100/120 w.p.m. after 01.01.2006 may be regulated as under:-
a) In terms of the instructions contained in this Ministry’s letter No.PCIV/2010/increment/1 dated 19.08.2010, the advance increments granted to Stenographers of Subordinate office on qualifying Speed Test in Shorthand at 100/120 w.p.m. in terms of Board’s letter No.PC-III/74/INC/3 dated 07.11.1975 are to be treated as pay for all purposes and the past cases are also to be regulated accordingly. These advance increments were therefore to be taken into account
for fixation in the Revised Pay for those officials who were in receipt of such increments in the pre-revised pay. In such cases, the advance increments will no longer continue as a separate element.
b) In respect of persons who become eligible for grant of advance increments consequent upon implementation of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, the advance increment may be calculated by granting increment @ 3% of the Basic Pay on the date of passing of the test. Two advance increments may be calculated by granting two increments @ 3% of the Basic Pay on the date of passing the test. The amount of this increment may be treated as a separate element in addition to the Basic Pay (Pay in the Pay Band + Grade Pay), till such advance increments are taken into account as per (c) of this letter. c) Once the advance increments are taken into account for the purpose of pay fixation on promotion or being placed in a higher scale on grant of ACP/MACP or fixation of pay due to revision of pay scale etc., the advance increments will no longer be continued as a separate element as it will be merged with the basic pay. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.

Director, Pay Commission-II
Railway Board

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