No.AIRF/443 Dated: February 14, 2013

The Secretary(E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Sub: Conference of the Engineers

A conference of the Jr. Engineers and Sr. Section Engineers of all the departments was organized by our affiliate – North Western Railway Employees Union at Ajmer on 3rd February, 2013, wherein following demands were made:-

(i) Grade Pay of Rs.4800 and 5400 to Jr. Engineer and Sr. Section Engineer respectively.

(ii) Classification of Engineers as Group ‘B’ as per order of the DoP&T.

(iii) Grant benefit of stepping up of pay to seniors over their juniors under MACP scheme.

(iv) Upgradation of posts of Engineers in apex grade.

(v) Grant benefit of MACPS counting training period.

(vi) Fixation of pay at par with direct recruits in promotional post.

(vii) Promotion to the post of Asst. Officer against Ranker Quota as per seniority, without conducting any selection.

(viii) Payment of Risk Allowance to all the JEs/SSEs working in field.

(ix) Grant benefit of MACPS to Drawing/Design Staff, treating placement of Jr. Draftsman (comes from Tracer) as “Placement” and not “Promotion”.

(x) Provision of CUG facilities to JEs/SSEs of all departments.

(xi) Incentives for acquiring higher education in the shape of advance increment.

We earnestly hope that the above demands of the JEs/SSEs will certainly receive favourable response from the Railway Board.

General Secretary/AIRF