New Delhi, dt 5 .2.2013

The Chief Personnel Officer
All Indian Railways/PUs

Sub: Monitoring of open market panels
The issue of placement of indents on the RRBs and RRCs by the zonal railways and the consequent liquidation of vacancies on receipt of panels has been engaging attention of this office for some time. It has been found that a robust monitoring system supervised by the concerned SrDPOs at the division level and CPOs at the zonal levels has the potential to reveal the actual working of the system. During the
performance review meeting of personnel branch of South Central Railway, Board (MS) observed that the monitoring system of appointment of candidates recommended by recruiting agencies being followed in South Central Railway be adopted by other Zonal Railways also.
• In this connection. a Write -up on Panel Monitoring System introduced in South Central Railway is enclosed for guidance and compliance. CPOs are requested to get in touch with SCR for better appreciation, and actual implementation, if required. The system should be made operational by 10″ Feb 2013 positively and feedback ( through fax or e-mail) be provided without fail.

Executive Dir. Estt.{N}
Railway Board

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