Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
Office Memorandum

Lok Nayak Bhawan, New Delhi
Dated the 1st February, 2013

Subject: Rotational Transfer of officers of Assistants’ Grade of CSS.
The rotational transfers of regular officers of Assistants’ Grade of Central Secretariat Service who had completed the prescribed tenure in a Ministry under ‘Rotational Transfer Policy’ were ordered vide this Department’s order of even
number dated 27.12.2012. A copy of the same is available on the website of this Department: www.persmin.nlc.1n —>Central Secretariat —> CSS—> Rotational Transfer Policy.
2. Officers Posted outside National Capital Region (NCR): As the Ministries/Departments are aware that under ‘Rotational Transfer Policy for CSS’ guidelines have been prescribed in respect of transfer of officers posted outside NCR vide this Department’s OM No.21/2/2009-CS.I(P) dated 5.10.2012. However, in the order referred to in para 1 above, name of few such Assistants who are posted outside NCR were included inadvertently. All the concerned Cadre-units which have
their offices located outside NCR are, therefore, requested that the transfer orders in respect of such Assistants may not be effected. If any such Assistant has been relieved, he may be allowed to jOin back his present post. Cadre-units may please  send the details of all the Assistants posted outside NCR and due for transfer under RTP. Furthermore, action may be initiated to effect the RTP in their cases as per the aforesaid guidelines dated 5.10.2012.
3. Officers on deputation/Adhoc Assistants: Few other transfers involving those Assistants who are presently on deputation to ex-cadre posts or are appointed to the Assistants’ Grade on adhoc basis have also been brought to the notice of this Department. It is requested that details of all such Assistants may be intimated and the transfer orders in respect of all such officers may be deemed to have been withdrawn.
4. Officers not clear from vigilance angle: If any officer is not clear from vigilance angle, he too may be retained under intimation to this Department.
5. Excluding officers covered under paras 2, 3 & 4 above, Cadre-units are requested to comply with the orders dated 27.12.2012 and relieve the officers immediately. Attention of officers concerned is also invited to para 4 of order dated
27.12.2012 and they are advised to comply with it accordingly.

(Parminder Singh)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

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