Amount of EPFO Invested in Private Sector


                Details of amount invested by the Employees Provident   Fund Organization (EPFO) in private sector, non-banking companies and annual return as per the coupon rate during the last three years and current year are as under:-

(Rs in Crore)


Year Amount




2009-10 575.40 51.20
2010-11 2433.20 220.59
2011-12 1181.80 111.19
April 2012 to Nov 2012 Nil Nil


As the securities are not sold by EPFO in market, there is no question of earning any profit.

Committee on Finance and Investment (FIC), a sub-Committee of Central Board of Trustees, is a recommending committee. The recommendations of FIC were placed before Central Board of Trustees, Employees Provident Fund (CBT, EPF) in its 200th meeting held on 7th August 2012. The CBT, EPF approved the following recommendations of FIC for consideration of the Central Government:-


(i)   Allowing investment in certificate of deposits of public sector banks for better cash management.

(ii)   Increase the maximum tenure of Terms Deposit Receipt of Public Sector Banks to 5 Years from existing up to 1 Year to enable EPFO to capture higher yields on such investments.


The matter is under consideration of the Government.


The Minister of State for Labour & Employment Shri  K. Suresh gave this information in reply to a written   question in the Lok Sabha today .