Ministry of Urban Development
Directorate of Estates

A. DOs

1.    The allottee shall maintain a good standard of cleanliness of the house/premises.

2.    The outlets of wash basins and floor traps shall be maintained clean and free from leftovers so as to prevent clogging.

3.    The allottee may immediately inform the CPWD/NBCC Service Centre in case of leakage, seepage or blocking of drain/gutters.

4.    The allottee shall use only good quality of electrical appliances so as not to subject the electrical installations to any damage.

5.    Air conditioners should be procured only through manufacturer or their authorized dealers and be of reputed make.

6.    The maintenance of the AC units should be entrusted to the authorized/qualified service centers only.

7.    All the electric appliances and all the air conditioners and stabilizers of ACs must be kept off when not in use.

8.    The repairs of electrical wiring/fittings in the house shall be got done only through CPWD/NBCC maintenance staff. In case of any damage only qualified electrician shall be engaged to remove faults in electrical installations.

9.    The allottee shall water the plants, lawns and hedges from time to time as per need so that they are maintained in good health.

10.The allottee will take care of the flora and protect them from any sort of damage.

11.The allottee will plant any new plants, shrubs or trees only in consultation with CPWD/NBCC maintenance staff.

12.The allottee will ensure that the occupants of their servant quarters will maintain good/hygienic conditions and also do not create inconvenience to others.


1.    The allottee shall not undertake/let any unauthorized construction in the premises.

2.    The allottee shall not tamper with any water supply, sanitary and other finings/fixtures.

3.    The allottee shall not dump any dismantled or other materials or furniture on the roofs, balconies in common areas or over sun-shades.

4.    The allottee should not prevent designated staffs of CPWD/NBCC from carrying out repair/inspection works during office time. They should not also stop CPWID/NIBCC staff from cleaning over-head tanks. They should cooperate with CPWD/NBCC staff so that the work in the quarter including adjoining quarters can be carried out properly.

5.    The allottee will not use residential accommodation for any other purpose.

6.    The allottee shall not cut or prune any trees without proper order from the competent authority.

7.    The allottee shall not store any plastic bottles, broom, scrubs or dusters in the electric distribution box.

8.    The allottee shall not tamper with any electrical fittings and wires in the house.
9.    The installed light and power switches shall not be misused for heavy duty electrical equipments.

10.The allottee should not undertake any change in servant room viz, pantry, toilet attached to flat/bungalow.

11.The allottee should not undertake any change in internal plumbing work.