D.O.No.AIRF/214                                                                                                                                                  Dated: October 12, 2012

 Dear Dr. Joshi Ji,

We have come across a news published on 11th October, 2012 in a leading national newspaper which indicates that the Ministry of Railways have been planning to privatize some important manufacturing activities of the Indian Railways in the first phase on Public-Private Partnership(PPP) model.

                 The additional requirement of coaches and locomotives to cope up with the increasing demand of running new trains during the years to come can be met by gearing up production in the existing departmental production units by providing required input.

                In this context, it is pertinent to point out that All India Railwaymen’s Federation is totally opposed to privatization of any of the activities on Indian Railways and the trial made by the Railway Board to corporatise Rail Coach Factory Kapurthala is the glaring example when AIRF along with other allies had opposed this move tooth and nail, and ultimately Ministry of Railways had to step back.

                It would, therefore, be quite appropriate that instead of taking any arbitrary decision on this subject, the issue may be discussed threadbare with AIRF so that industrial peace, which is prevailing on the Indian Railways for more than three decade, is not disturbed, causing avoidable inconvenience to the rail users and the nation as a whole.

                We hope that AIRF’s viewpoint shall be taken in the right perspective and no arbitrary action to privatize the Production Units as a first step shall be taken by the Ministry of Railways.

                With kind regards!

General Secy./AIRF

Dr. C.P. Joshi,                                                                                                                                      

Hon’ble Minister for Railways,

Ministry of Railways,

Rail Bhawan,

New Delhi 

Copy to: The Chairman, Member Staff, Member Mechanical, Member Electrical, Member Engineering, Financial Commissioner, Addl. Member(Staff), Adviser(IR), Railway Board – for information and necessary action please.

Copy to: General Secretaries, all affiliated unions – for information.

Source: AIRF