Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, PG and Pensions

(Department of Personnel & Training)


2nd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan, New Delhi-11 0003

Dated the 01st  October, 2012


Subject: Promotion of Section Officers of the css to Grade-I (Under Secretary) of the css on ad-hoc basis.

The undersigned is directed to say that DoPT is actively involved in the process of bringing out upto date Select Lists for the grade of Under Secretary. However, the completion of the task of brining out upto date USSLs will take some time. Pending issue of Select Lists, this Department has been resorting to adhoc promotions from time to time to fill up vacancies in the grade of US. In view of large number of vacancies, and pending issue of Select Lists, it

has again been decided to promote eligible Section Officers to the Under Secretary grade on ad hoc basis. The Section Officers upto SO SL 2003 will be considered for ad-hoc promotion against the existing and likely vacancies shortly.

2. Attention of Ministriesl Departments is invited to this Department’s O.M.s of No.5/13/2012-CS.I(U) 06/09/2012 and 18/09/2012 calling for information inter-alia ACR/APAR dossiers and vigilance status of Section Officers upto SL-2003 for preparation of USSL 2011 and 2012. While information in respect of most of the officers has since been received, it is still awaited in respect of some of the officers. The information in respect of the remaining officers may therefore, be forwarded to this Department without any further delay and in any case latest by 5.10.2012 as the same is now urgently required to consider the officers for adhoc promotion to the grade of US. Ministries 1 Departments and individual officers concerned should note that if ACR/APAR and vigilance status is not furnished by 5.10.2012, officers concerned will not be considered for adhoc promotion.

3. Section Officers of SO SL-2003 and earlier SO SLs may furnish Personal Information in the proforma enclosed.


Under Secretary to the Government of India

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