New Delhi, dated 24th August, 2012 (Circular No.EP-03-2012-21)

Posting of husband and wife at the same station.

Reference is invited to the clause 3.2 of Circular dated 05.01.2011 pertaining to transfer policy for Category I officers which provides that FCI would be guided by the exiting policy frame work of the Central Government on posting of husband and wife together as far as possible and administratively feasible. Similarly, Clause (11) of Section II of Circular dated 21.11.2002 and Clause 1(a) of Section-II of Circular dated 30.03.2012 pertaining to transfer policy for Category II, III and IV contains the provisions for posting both husband and wife at one station as far as possible to enable them to lead normal family life subject to administrative convenience and other terms and conditions. 

2.    The Government of India had been following similar policy in the matter of posting of husband and wife at the same station in view of the utmost importance attached to the enhancement of women’s status in all walks of life and to enable them to lead a normal family life and also to ensure the education and welfare of the children. 

3.    In the context of the need to make concerted efforts to increase representation of women in Central Government jobs, the Government of India has reviewed these guidelines to see whether the instructions could be made mandatory. DoP&T has accordingly issued O.M. No. F.No.28034/9/2009-Estt.(A) dated 30th September, 2009 to convey the decision that when both spouses are in same Central Service or working in same Department and if posts are available, they may mandatorily be posted at the same station. The said O.M. contains consolidated guidelines applicable in different situations.

4.    The Staff bodies have been pressing hard for adopting the aforesaid guidelines of Govt. of India and to issue appropriate guidelines for FCI employees accordingly.

5.    The matter has been examined in the light of existing policy of the Corporation and observed that as far as posting of husband and wife at same station is concerned, like Govt. of India FCI also attaches great importance to the welfare of women & children and normal family life of its employees. The Competent Authority has accordingly decided to adopt the guidelines as contained in DoP& ‘s O.M. dated 30th September, 2009 in the following situations applicable in case f FCI: