No. 13017/34/2011-AIS-I
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training.

New Delhi, North Block,
Dated 22nd August 2012

The Chief Secretary
All states /UTS

Sub: Inter Cadre Transfer of All India Service Officers to third cadre on the ground of marriage -Clarification in Policy – regarding.
I am directed to refer to this Department’s letter no. 1 18.1.2008 on the subject cited above, which provides as under – 3017/16/2003-AIS-I dated
” In cases of inter-cadre transfer of officers on ground of ‘marriage’, the couple should normally be transferred to one of the two Cadres on which they are borne. In case of refusal of both Cadres to accept the officers, in the first instance, the matter should be taken up formally a second time with both the cadres. In cases of continued refusal of both the cadres to accept the officers on grounds that are deemed by the Central Government to be genuine and satisfactory, the couple shall be transferred to one of the deficit cadres with concurrence of the State Government concerned. The matter shall be revisited after the category of deficit cadres ceases to exist.”
2. The issue has been further examined and in the above context it is clarified that deficit cadre is one where there is a maximum percentage of shortfall of direct recruit officers vis-a-vis the direct recruit cadre strength. Shortfall may be computed on the basis of Civil List of AIS revailing at the time of the application for Inter-Cadre Transfer. In case of continued refusal by the cadres of the officers on which they are borne the officers would be considered for transfer  to a third cadre and for this purpose Central Government will first identify three cadres, which have maximum deficit of direct recruit officers as a percentage of all the DR officers sanctioned  post and then give a choice to the couple seeking transfer to a third cadre to choose one of those cadres. Thereafter, the concurrence of the concerned cadre would be taken before the
couple is transferred to third cadre.
3. The above procedure for inter cadre transfer of AIS officers to third cadre on the ground of marriage would be applicable in all the cases, which are pending for consideration and also those cases which would be received in future.

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Yours faithfully
Under Secretary to the Government of India

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