Fare Structure for Double Decker trains to be introduced in Indian Railways





Commercial Circular No. 4-9 of 2012.

No.TCII/2910/100/DD/Train.                                                        New Delhi,dt./13 .8.2012

The Chief Commercial Managers

All Indian Railways

Sub: Fare Structure for Double Decker trains

Reference Railway Board’s letter of even number dated 10.12.2010 (C.C. No.59 of 2010) on the above subject.

1. Existing fare structure of AC Chair Car class applicable for Superfast Mail/Express trains shall be applicable for all AC Chair Car Double Decker trains. However, other charges like reservation fee, surcharge for superfast trains and development charges etc. shall be leviable additionally as admissible.

2. The same fare structure shall be applicable round tbe year in Double Decker trains.

3. All concessions in fares as admissible in Mail/Express trains will also be admissible in

Double Decker trains.

4. All Warrants and Rail Travel Coupons shall be accepted for travel by these Double

Decker trains.

5. Children of 5 years and above but below 12 years will continue to be charged half fare.

6. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate ofthe Ministry of Railways.




 (Dr. Monica Agnihotri)

Director (Passenger Marketing),

Railway Board.