(Railway Board)

No PC-V /2011/M/3/ AIRF                                                                                                                          New Delhi, dated: 31-7-2012

The General Secretary


4, State Entry Road,

New Delhi-110055


Sub:-Serious Anomaly in Accounts Department.

The undersigned is directed to refer to AIRF’s letter No. AIRF /5 (237), dated 13/07/2012 on the above subject and to state that in terms of Para-20 of Annexure to Board’s letter dt.10-06-09 financial upgradation under the MACPS shall be purely personal to the employee and shall have no relevance to his seniority position. As such, there shall be no additional financial upgradation for the senior employees on the ground that the junior employee in the grade has got higher pay/Grade pay under the MACPS.

Further, the issue for grant of Stepping up of pay under MACPS to senior employees has been discussed in Joint Committee constituted by DoP&T, the has not accepted the same and also the agenda item has been de-linked from the committee agenda. As DoP&T is the nodal department of Govt. on MACPS, this Ministry is not in position to take any unilateral decision

in the matter.


Yours faithfully,

for Secretary / Railway Board

Source: AIRF