EXPECTED DA FROM JULY 2012 :- Expecting period more than six months is now over, the Dearness allowance  and Dearness relief for existing employees and pensioners will be enhaced by 7% from the current rates and it will become the total of 72% form July this year.

As per the statistics of All India Consumer Price Index Numbers released by the Labour Bureau for the month of June 2012, the index raised by two points and stood at 208 points. Thus, the DA and DR calculation is completed and may be finalized in the Cabinet Committee meeting, which will be held at second week of September 2012.

The below table denotes the calculation for the month of June 2012…

Month/Year AICPIN Total of 12 Months 12 Months average % Increase over 115.763 App. DA DA %
June -2012 208 2395 199.58 83.82 72.41  72