RBE/ESTT.NO. 86/2012




NO E(NG)1-99CFP/23(Vol.II)                                                                                                                             New Delhi Dated: 02.08.2012


The Genertll Managers (P)

All Indian Railways and

Production Units

(As per Standard List)


Sub: Induction of Trackmen in to other departments-Revision of Age Limit Regarding.


In terms of the extant provision contained in para 179(XV) Indian Railway Establishment Manual Vol.I (Revised Edition-1989) First Re-Print Edition-2009, the lower age limit of Trackmen for induction to workshops against 10% and 40% quotas has been prescribed as 45 years.

2 The question of reducing the lower age limit has been considered by the Board in the light of the demand made by Federations viz AIRF and NFIR in the PNM meetings. It has been decided that the lower age limit for induction of Trackmen for transfer to Workshops, Traffic and Commercial departments against 10% quota with 50% seniority and against 40% quota on bottom seniority may be reduced from 45 years to 40 years. Other terms and conditions of transfer of Trackmen against both the quotas remain unaltered. The matter will be reviewed after 6 months. Railways are requested to furnish the details of number of Trackmen inducted into other departments for the period from 01.08.2012 to 31.01.2013.

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(M K. Moona)

Dy Director Estt (N)

Railway Board

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