Travelling Allowance – Enhancement of TA ceiling of the Internal Audit Wings of Major departments in the State – Sanctioned – Orders issued.


G.O.(Ms) No. 413/2012/Fin.                                                                                                   Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 24/07/2012.

Read:- 1) Committee on PAC Recommendation (2008-11) held on 03/06/2009.

2) G.O(P) No. 74/12/Fin. dated 28/01/2012.


In the meeting of Public Accounts Committee held on 03/06/2009, the Chairman observed that the Internal Audit Wings of Administrative Departments need to be strengthened and the ceiling limit for Internal Audit works may be waived. Due to the imposition of TA ceiling limit, the audit wings in the major departments could not achieve the desired target of covering audit works of all offices under its control within the stipulated period.

2. Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to order that relaxation upto 40% over and above on the existing TA ceiling is granted, in order to strengthen the Internal Audit Wing of the following 17 Departments in the State, for a period of one year from the date of this order on experimental basis, subject to the evaluation of the performance.

(i) Finance (lAC) Department

(ii) Public Works Department

(iii) Irrigation Department

(iv) General Education Department

(v) Tourism Department

(vi) Health Department

(vii) Agriculture Department

(viii) Commercial Taxes Department

(ix) Land Revenue Department

(x) Police Department

(xi) Panchayats Department

(xii) Forest Department

(xiii) Social Welfare Department

(xiv) Industries Department

(xv) Commissionerate for Rural Development

(xvi) Scheduled Castes Development Department

(xvii) Scheduled Tribes Development Department

All the audit works in respect of the above said Departments will be supervised and co-ordinated by the lAC of Finance Department and that Wing has to prepare the one year evaluation report on the basis of the appraisal of performance of audit works of the Departments listed as above.

By order of the Governor,

(P. JOY,)


The Principal Accountant General (Audit), Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram.

The Accountant General (A & E), Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram.

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