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Dear Sirs,

Sub:- Record Note of discussions held by AM(ME) on 21.06.2012 regarding DC/JCM Item no. 3/2007: Promotion of serving non-science graduate to the post of CMS Grade II in Scale ‘( 6500-10500 and CMS Grade I in Scale ~ 7450-11500 in the scientific organization.


A copy of Record Note of discussion held by AM(ME) with both the Federations (AIRF & NFIR) on 21.06.2012 on the above said item is sent herewith for information and record.


 (Nirmala . Tirkey)



Record Note of discussions held by AM(ME) with both the Federations (AIRF and NFIR) on 21.06.12 in his Chamber on DC/JCM Item No. 3/2007; promotion of serving non-science graduate to the post of eMS Grade)I in Scale Rs. 6500-10500 and CMS Grade I in Scale Rs. 7450-11500 in the scientific organisation.

The following officers and representative of both the Federations (AIRF and NFIR) attended the meeting:


Staff Side

Official Side AIRF NFIR
Shri R. Vijaya Mohan, AM (ME),

Shri R. S. Khanna, JDE(N)

Smt. Nirmala U. Tirkey, DDE(LR)-II


Shri S. G. Mishra, Shri Tyagi Shri M. Raghavaiah

 It was agreed that the number of existing CMAs, who are stagnating and awaiting promotion in Scale Rs. 5,500-9,000 who are non-science graduates to the post of CMS in scale Rs. 6,500-10,500 (9,300-34,800 with GP 4,200) andCMS Gr. I in Scale Rs. 7,450-­11,500 (9,300-34,800 with GP 4,600); may be ascertained from the Railways before any further discussion.

CMAs were in two grades in V Pay Scales i.e. Rs. 5,000-8,000 (CMA II) and Rs. 5,500-9,000 (CMA I). Direct recruitment through RRB is provided in both these grades: 50% in CMA. II and 67.67% in CMA I. Educational qualification for CMA I is degree in Metallurgy or Chemical Engineering or MSc in Chemistry or applied Chemistry. Avenue is provided for qualified BSc Physics and Chemistry with 45% marks technicians or intermediate passed candidates clearing written examination conducted by RDSO. Both the Federations during joint meeting demanded one time relaxation for promotion to CMS grade. These were two grades in existence during V Pay Commission in CMS II: Rs. 6,500-10,500 and CNS I in Rs. 7,400-11,500. In VI Pay Commission award both CMA grades are merged into one i.e. 9,300-34,800 with Gr. Pay 4,200 and similarly both grades of CMS into one grade Rs. 9,300-34,800 with Gr. Pay 4,600.

It was explained in the meeting that only qualified technicians were considered for promotion to CMA Gr. II. That too restricted to 50% of intake. Promotion to CMA Gr. I is restricted to 33 113 %.

It was agreed to obtain the number of non-graduate working on IR in CMA grade.