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Date: 04.07.2012


Subject: Implementation of National_Training Policy ~ Issuance of Guidelines on Training Manager Cadre Training Plan (CTP), Annual Trainirm. Plan (ATP), Domain Specific Trainers and _Developing’ Training Institutions into Centres of Excellence.

The Natlonal Training Policy 2012 (NTP) was issued by the Department of Personnel and Training vide OM No, 12021/8/2011- Trg.1 dated 19 January 2012. The NTP 2012 mandated that h16 Department of Personnel and Training .
shall issue appropriate guide.lines to facilitate the implementation of the Policy. These guideline~ are issued in pursuance of this mandate.

The overarching training framework enunciated in the National Training Policy (NTP) 2012 is ‘Competency Framework’. Implementation of this concept by the Ministries/Departments would bring to liq’h’tthe various ‘Competency gaps’ of employees that neec to be bridged .throuqh a range of ‘Training interventions’ to enhance their performance, Competencies encompass knowledge, skills ‘and behaviour, which are required in an individual for effectively performing functions of a post.
To meet the quantum of training requirement arising out of the adoption of ‘competency framework’, each Ministry/Department/Cadre Controlling Authority, would have to urgently undertake the following training and development activities as stipulated in the NTP 2012:-

(i) Appointment of Training Manager and creation of Training Cell to institutionalize the training and development activities
(ii) Development of Cadre Training Plan (CT’P) by Cadre Controlling Authorities for their respective cadres. Those cadres who already have their CTPs should review them. The underlying principle of such review should be to provide for training which is need based and linked to the competencies required for their current and future jobs.
(iii) Development of Annual Training Plan (ATP) by each Ministry/Department for all employees working under it.
(iv) Development of domain/sector specific trainers by Ministries/Departments for undertaking large scale training.
(v) Developing training institutiorrs under Ministries/Departments into ‘Centres of of Excellence.

Accordingly, guidelines for appointment of Training Manager and development of CTP, ATP, Domain/Sector Specific Trainers and. transforming government training institutions into ‘Centre of Excellence’ are attached. A review of the impact of these training and development activities should be undertaken once in a period of 3 to 5 years to ensure that there is a conscious periodic effort of critically evaluating them to meet the needs of the individual and aligning them with those of the organization.
The complete contact details of Training Managers may also be conveyed this Department to enable proper coo eration and coordination to implement the NTP, 2012.


Joint Secretary 0 the Government of India

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