No. D – 11016/53/2007 – Regions

Government of India

Ministry of Urban Development

Directorate of Estates

Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi. Dated 18/05/2012


Subject: Opening of Holiday Home at Port Blair.


Holiday Home at Port Blair has been completed and it has been decided to open booking of rooms/suits of holiday home with immediate effect as detailed below:


Name of Office/Booking Authority                          :            Suit/Room No.


(i) Directorate of Estates (DoE)                              :     201,202,203,204,205 (VIP), 306 (VIP)

New Delhi


(ii) O/o AEM, Chennai                                               :     301,303


(iii) O/o EM/ AEM, Kolkata                                         :    101,103,304


(iv) EE, ACD, CPWD, Port Blair                               :     302,206 (VIP)



2.  The Telephone and Fax Nos. of Executive Engineer- cum – Estate Manager, ACD, CPWD, Kendriya Sadan, Lamba Line, Port Blair – 744103  are 03192-241906 and 03192-233583 respectively. Holiday Home at Port Blair is within the campus of Kendriya Sadan, Port Blair.


3.   At present, Holiday Home at Port Blair is under Category ‘C’ for which booking charges are as under


Booking Charges for Holiday Homes under Category ‘C’



Category of applicants/ Visitors




Member of Parliament (Sitting / Ex.) Central Govt. employee (serving/retired)

Employees of State Govt./UTs/Central or State PSU/Autonomous Bodies / others (Serving/Retired)

Private Persons accompanying as guests of MPs/Govt. employees






Double Bed

Rs.150+RS.30 (AC Charges)

Rs.300+Rs.30 (AC Charges)

Rs.450+Rs.30 (AC Charges)


4. Demand drafts has to be drawn in the name of respective booking agencies and sent to them with hard copy of the online booking application as provided in the website of Directorate of Estates Details are given below for the sake of convenience of the applicant.


(i) For DoE, Delhi quota                                            :  Assistant Director of Estate (Cash),

New Delhi.

(ii) For DoE, Chennai quota                                     : Assistant Estate Manager, Chennai

(iii) For DoE, Kolkata quota                                      : Estate Manager, Kolkata

(iv) For EE-cum-EM,Port Blair quota                       : Executive Engineer , Andaman

Central Division (ACD),

CPWD, Port Blair.


(R.N. Yadav)

Deputy Director of Estates (Policy)