Rajya sabha Question and Answer

Guidelines for providing CGHS facility in Non CGHS areas



Will the Minister of HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE be pleased to state:

(a) the Government guidelines for providing CGHS facility to Central

Government Employees and Pensioners where there is no CGHS facility in the

(b) whether Government will open CGHS facility in every State for the benefit
of Central Government Employees and Pensioners; and

(c) if so, the details thereof and , if not, the reasons therefor?

(a): The Central Government pensioners residing in Non-CGHS covered areas have the option to become a CGHS beneficiary by enrolling themselves with a CGHS dispensary in the nearest CGHS City on payment of requisite subscription to avail its facilities. The serving Central Government employees residing in Non-CGHS areas are covered under the CS (MA) Rules, 1944 for availing medical attendance. Pensioners are however not covered under these Rules; they are entitled for a Fixed Medical Allowance of Rs 300 per month.
(b) & (c):    No such proposal is under consideration in this Ministry. It is not possible to expend CGHS due to logistic, human resource and financial constraints.