Normally , central government employees get a hike in their salaries in every 10 years when the government implements the Pay Commission. They are also getting a small hike through the yearly increment and dearness allowance to tackle the inflation.


According to some reliable sources , which says that in the period from 2006 to 2012, the percentage of increase in prices of essential commodities have crossed 75%. Depending upon these reports , the DA which the central government employees are now receiving is much less.

In the Vth CPC ,when the DA crossed 50%, it was merged with the basic pay which somewhat satisfied the employees .But this merger of DA was not mentioned in the VIth CPC . It will be appreciated by all if the DA is merged with the basic pay when it crosses 100%. The increase of 25% in some allowances is very less according to many .

The discussion for the next installment of DA which falls on July 2012, has started now itself. It depends upon the AICPIN for the six months from January 2012. The AICPIN for the first three months which was already declared and if the condition persists for the next three months , April , May and June, an increase of seven percent can be expected.

Courtesy: GovtEmpDiary