National Federation of Indian Railwaymen


Dated : 17.04.2012

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board
New Delhi.

Dear Sir,

Sub: Improper implementation of Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACPS).

As soon as a case of wrong/improper implementation of MACP is noticed by VFIR, the same is reported to the Railway Board for taking corrective action but the response of Railway Board in taking remedial action on these issues has not been there with the result all the cases referred by NFIR are still pending in Railway Board’s Office. Now another case has been brought to the notice of VFIR which is also being referred to the Railway Board.

2. On South Central Railway, benefit of 3rd financial upgradation was extended to 10 Chief Matrons work in Lallaguda Central Hospital wherein Grade Pay of Rs.6600/- was given to them. Case of Smt.Gnane Pushpam Fedric, Chief Matron, one out of 10, was sent to Associated Accounts for arranging settlement dues in her favour owing to her superannuation on 29/02/2012. She was given Grade Pay of Rs.6600/- w.e.f. 01/09/2008, the same has been denied and instead Grade Pay of Rs.5400/- has been allowed causing huge financial hardships to the employee who has now retired. Cases of remaining nine Chief Matrons of Central Hospital, Lallaguda, when take up for scrutiny and are likely to meet same fate as above.
NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to issue clear cut guidelines based on the spirit of the MACP Scheme, to save staff from undue hardships, to avoid on sequential resentment amongst them under advise to NFIR.

Yours faithfully,
General Secretary


Source : NFIR