PAGE 2 of What benefit you may get in 7th Pay Commission report

——PAGE 2 of What benefit you may get in 7th Pay Commission report ?

14-A. Deputation Allowance double the rates and should be paid 10% of the pay at same station and 20% of the pay at outside station. 14. Classification of the post should be executive and non-executive instead of present Group A,B.C.

15. Special Pay which was replaced with SPL/Allowance by 4th CPC be bring back to curtail pay scales.

16. Scrap downsizing, outsourcing and contracting of govt. jobs.

17. Regularize all casual labour and count their entire service after first two year, as a regular service for pension and all other benefits. They should not be thrown out by engaging contractors workers. 18. The present MACPs Scheme be replaced by giving five promotion after completion of 8,15,21,26 and 30 year of service with benefits of stepping up of pay with junior.

19. PLB being bilateral agreement, it should be out of 7th CPC perview.

20. Housing facility:-

(a) To achieve 70% houses in Delhi and 40% in all other towns to take lease accommodation and allot to the govt. employees.

(b) Land and building acquired by it department may be used for constructing houses for govt. employees.

21. House Building Allowance :- (a) Simplify the procedure of HBA (b) Entitle to purchase second and used houses

22. Common Category – Equal Pay for similar nature of work be provided.

23. CP appointment – remove ceiling of 5% and give appointment within Three months.

24. Traveling Allowance:-     ‘A1’ and ‘A’ Class Cities                          Other Cities

A. Executives                            Rs.5000+DA per day                        Rs.3500+DA per day

B. Non-Executives                     Rs.4000+DA per day                      Rs.2500+DA per day

25. Composite Transfer Grant :-

Executive Class                6000 kg by Goods Train/ Rate per km by road

8 Wheeler Wagon Rs.50+DA(Rs.1 perkg and single container per km)

Non-Executive Class                       3000 kg                                 – do                       – -do-

26. Children Education Allowance should be allowed up to Graduate, Post Graduate, and all Professional Courses. Allow any two children for Children Education Allowance.

27. Fixation of pay on promotion – two increments in feeder grade with minimum benefit of Rs.3000.

28. House Rent Allowance

X Class Cities 60%

Other Classified Cities 40%

Unclassified Locations 20%

29. City Allowance

`X’ Class Cities                              `Y’ Class Cities

A. Pay up to Rs.50,000                      10%                                                        5%

B. Pay above Rs.50,000            6% minimum Rs 5000                 3% minimum Rs.2500

30. Patient Care Allowance to all para-medical and staff working in hospitals.

31. All allowances to be increased by three times.

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