Last Page of What benefit you may get in 7th Pay Commission report?

Last Page of What benefit you may get in 7th Pay Commission report?

37. Date of Increment – 1 st January and 1st July every year. In case of employees retiring on 31st December and 30th June, they should be given one increment on last day of service, i.e. 31st December and 30th June, and their retirements benefits should be calculated by adding the same. 38. General Insurance: Active Insurance Scheme covering risk upto Rs. 7,50,000/- to Non Executive & Rs. 3,50,000/- to Skilled staff by monthly contribution of Rs. 750/- & Rs. 350/- respectively.

39. Point to point fixation of pay.

40. Extra benefits to Women employees

(i) 30% reservation for women.

(ii) Posting of husband and wife at same station.

(iii) One month special rest for chronic disease

(iv) Conversion of Child Care Leave into Family Care Leave

(v) Flexi time

41. Gratuity: Existing ceiling of 16 ½ months be removed and Gratuity be paid @ half month salary for every year of qualifying service. Remove ceiling limit of Rs.10 Lakh for Gratuity.

 42. Pension:

(i) Pension @ 67% of Last Pay Drawn (LPD) instead of 50% presently.

(ii) Pension after 10 years of qualifying service in case of resignation.

(iii) Increase pension age-based as under: 65 years – 70% of LPD 70 years – 75% of LPD 75 years – 80% of LPD 80 years – 85% of LPD 85 years – 90% of LPD 90 years – 100% of LPD

(iv) Parity of pension to retirees before 1.1.2006.

(v) Enhanced family pension should be same in case of death in harness and normal death.

(vi) After 10 years, family pension should be 50% of LPD.

(vii) Family pension to son upto the age of 28 years looking to the recruitment age.

(viii) Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) @ Rs.2500/- per month.

(ix) Extend medical facilities to parents also.

(x) HRA to pensioners.

(xi) Improvement in ex-gratia pension to CPF/SRPF retirees up to 1/3rd of full pension.

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