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Tax Benefits On Education Loan And Fees; Here’s All You Need To Know

| April 30, 2018

Education has the potential to propel the qualify of life of society and individual in geometric progression velocity. Since education is becoming more and more expensive year after year, the government intends to provide some relief to the tax payers by allowing various tax reliefs in this respect. Let us discuss the benefits attached with […]

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Income Tax Return filing 2018: Here are some important tips for you

| April 23, 2018

  ITRs for FY 2014-15, FY 15-16 and FY 16-17 can’t be filed now as time for filing has gone. I have salary income and income from other sources like consultancy. Which ITR form should I use? —Subhash Kumar If income is less than Rs 50 lakh, then you must use ITR-1. If it exceeds […]

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Five important measures to save tax

| April 21, 2018

Income tax can be a confusing subject especially when you are at the start of your professional life. But not planning your taxes will only lead to you losing your hard-earned money. Taxes can be saved very easily, and more savings strengthen the financial foundation of your life. Here’s a primer to help you get […]

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सावधान! गलत रिटर्न भरने वाले सैलरीड टैक्सपेयर्स पर होगी IT विभाग की नजर, होगी कार्रवाई

| April 19, 2018

 नई दिल्ली :- अपना इनकम टैक्स रिटर्न भरते वक्त आपकी गलती भी आपको भारी पड़ सकती है। साथ ही अगर आप टैक्स बचाने के चक्कर में गलत इनकम टैक्स रिटर्न फाइल करने की सोच रहे हैं तो भी सावधान हो जाइए। आयकरविभाग ने सैलरी पाने वाले एंप्लॉयीज को गलत आईटीआर फाइल करने के प्रति आगाह किया है। विभाग ने कहा है कि […]

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IT department issues one page return form

| April 6, 2018

एक पेज का आयकर रिटर्न फार्म जारी,  Rs50 लाख तक की आय वाले भर सकेंगे यह फार्म, द कैश जमा की जानकारी मांगने वाला कालम हटाया केन्द्रीय प्रत्यक्ष कर बोर्ड (सीबीडीटी) ने आकलन वर्ष 2018-19 के लिए एक पेज का आयकर रिटर्न फार्म-1 (आईटीआर) सहज बृहस्पतिवार को जारी किया जिसका उपयोग 50 लाख रपए तक की वार्षिक […]

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Here Are The Key Changes In Tax Rules To Come Into Effect From April 1

| April 1, 2018

April 1, the beginning of the new fiscal 2018-19, brings in some major changes in the tax structure which were announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley while presenting the Union Budget 2018.The tax reforms will impact individual taxpayers in a number of ways, such as the standard deduction of Rs 40,000 instead of the transport […]

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5 Income Tax Changes Which Will Come Into Effect From April 1, 2018

| March 17, 2018

On the gains capital exceeding Rs 1,00,000 on sale of equity share or units of equity-linked funds, 10 percent tax will be applied from April 1. In the budget 2018 speech, Arun Jaitley introduced various tax changes which will come into effect from April 1 this year. These tax changes will impact the taxpayers in a number […]

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बजट में मध्यम वर्ग को राहत दे सकती है सरकार, बढ़ सकती है आयकर छूट की सीमा

| January 10, 2018

केंद्र सरकार के अगले बजट में मध्यम वर्ग को बड़ी राहत मिल सकती है। आम बजट में सरकार कर छूट सीमा बढ़ाने के साथ साथ कर स्लैब में भी बदलाव कर सकती है। सूत्रों ने मंगलवार को यह जानकारी दी है। सूत्रों के अनुसार, वित्त मंत्रालय के समक्ष व्यक्तिगत आयकर छूट सीमा को मौजूदा ढाई […]

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New helpline for income tax e-filing

| January 1, 2018

“The new helpline numbers can be called in case of any trouble on the e-filing portal,” a senior official said. The Income Tax Department on Monday notified a new helpline number for taxpayers who e-file their returns and conduct other tax-related businesses online. The department issued an advisory and said: “Attention taxpayers: e-Filing help desk […]

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HRA Exemption Rules: How to save tax on House Rent Allowance

| December 31, 2017

For most employees, House Rent Allowance (HRA) is a common component of their salary structure. Although it is a part of the salary, HRA, unlike basic salary, is not fully taxable. Subject to certain conditions, a part of HRA gets exempted under Section 10 (13A) of the Income-tax Act, 1961. The amount of HRA exemption is […]

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