7th Pay Commission Children Education Allowance – Implementation of decision relating to the grant of Children Education Allowance.

| August 27, 2018

Children Education Allowance – No Fee receipt required – Rs. 27,000 per annum allowed based on Certificate given by School or self attested documents given by employee

There is no doubt that Childen Education allowance and Hostel Subsidy are reasonable reimbursements for the ever increasing education cost, thanks to 1.5 times increase recommended by 7th Pay Commission

Update: Both Defence Ministry and Railway Board have issued Orders extending Children Education allowance as fixed amount of Rs. 2250 per month per child irrespective of cost incurred by the Railway Employee / Civilian Defence Employees

Defence Ministry orders for fixed amount of Children Education Allowance Civilian Defence Employees

Railway Board Orders for Consolidated Instructions on Children Education Allowance

Now, CEA and Hostel Subsidy of Rs. 2250 PM and Rs. 6750 PM respectively are paid per child as per Office Memorandum OM No. No.A-27012/02/2017-Estt.(AL) dated 16.08.2017.

This OM dated 16.08.2017 clearly shows the intention of the govt to do away with the linking of CEA with actual expenses incurred for the education by the employee.

It says that for reimbursement of CEA a certificate from Head of Institution to confirm that the child studied in the School during the academic year for which claim is made.

However, as per earlier Office Memorandums pertains to Children Education Allowance which were not superseded and technically valid, Children Education Allowance would be equal to actual School / Tuition fee paid or the maximum CEA allowed whichever is lower.

It is also a fact that employees are finding it very difficult to get the Fee receipt from school under head stipulated by DOPT as entitled to reimbursement.

In order resolve this ambiguity and difficulties faced by Employees, DOPT has now come up with a clear-cut clarification OM No.A-27012/02/2017-Estt.(AL) dated 17.07.2018, which also explicitly supersedes all the previous Office memorandums pertaining to Children Education Allowance.

Important points clarified in OM dated 17.07.2018:

1. Children Education Allowance of Rs. 2250 per months is fixed per child irrespective of actual expense incurred.

2. A certificate issued by Head of the Institution to the effect that the child concerned studied in the School for the period / year for which claim has been preferred. when such certficate can not be produced , self- attested copy of the report card, or fee receipt for the entire year can be submitted.

3. In the case of Hostel subsidy which is restricted to Rs. 6750 per month, similar certificate will have to be produced along with a mention about amount paid towards lodging and boarding paid. If such certificate can not be obtained, self- attested copy of the report card, or fee receipt for the entire year can be submitted.

4. Children of Central Government Employees who died in service will be entitled to Children Education Allowance till the period in which the employee concerned would have retired or the completion period of 12th Std by such children whichever is earlier.

The Office Memorandum dated 17.07.2018 reads as follows.

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

Block-IV. Old JNU Campus, New Delhi

Dated: 17th July 2018

Office Memorandum

Subject: Recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission – Implementation of decisions relating to the grant of Children Education Allowance (CEA) and Hostel Subsidy – Consolidated instructions

Consequent upon the decisions taken by the Government to implement the recommendations made by the VII Central Pay Commission, this Department has issued an OM of even number dated 16-8-2017 revising the rates of CEA/Hostel Subsidy and simplifying the procedure for claiming reimbursement of the same. However this Department has been receiving various queries regarding CEA/Hostel Subsidy especially with regard to the applicability of various provision/instructions issued during sixth CPC regime/period. Further references have also been received regarding the difficulty being faced by some government employees in obtaining certificate of the Head of the Institution as mentioned in this Department’s OM of even number dated 16-8-2017.

2. Keeping in view the above, it has been decided to issue consolidated instructions in supersession of all earlier OMs on the subject of Children Education Allowance and Hostel subsidy as under:

a) The reimbursement of Children Education Allowance/Hostel subsidy can he claimed only for the two eldest surviving children with the exception that in case the second child birth results in twins/multiple birth. In case of failure of sterilization operation. the CEA/Hostel Subsidy would be admissible in respect of children bornout of the first instance of such failure beyond the usual two children norm.

b) The amount for reimbursement of Children Education allowance will he Rs.2250/-per month (fixed) per child. This amount of Rs.2250/- is fixed irrespective of the actual expenses incurred by the Govt. Servant. In order to claim reimbursement of CEA, the Govt. servant should produce a certificate issued by the Head of the Institution for the period/year for which claim has been preferred. The certificate should confirm that the child studied in the school during the previous academic year. In case such certificate can not he obtained, self- attested copy of the report card or self attested fee receipt(s) ( including e-receipt(s)) confirming/indicating that the fee deposited for the entire academic year can be produced as a supporting document to claim CEA. The period/year means academic year i.e. twelve months of complete academic session.

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