7th Pay Commission: Latest developments, details, Govt. may raise retirement age.

| April 5, 2018

The Union government is likely to take a cue from the Madhya Pradesh government on the 7th Pay Commission. While the issue relating to a pay hike appears to be stuck in a limbo, there is talk that the CG employees are likely to get other benefits.

Recently the Madhya Pradesh government had increased the retirement age for its employees. The age limit was raised from 60 to 62 years. Many in the Union Government were impressed with the idea.

There is talk in the government that the retirement age for CG employees too may be raised. There are serious discussion and deliberation in this regard. If this is done, then the next step would be to recommend the same to all state governments.

This is likely to compensate the employees to a certain extent. A two-year extension in tenure will bring some cheer and good news for the CG employees. Meanwhile, on the pay hike and fitment factor, there is still some discussion that is on. Although the government had told the Lok Sabha recently that there is no proposal to increase the basic pay and fitment factor, some government sources said that the matter is not closed.

It may not come immediately as many would have expected. The government is proposing the annual revision of pay hike. This means that the system of pay panels will be abolished as a result of which the 7th Pay Commission would be the last.

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