7th Pay Commission – Hope of further pay hike is decimated, employees frustrated

| December 1, 2017

It is all over for Central Government employees who were already frustrated with the 7th Pay Commission recommendations. Now it is up to the federations to take up the matter with the Prime Minister and hope that he would hear them out.

The question is will the meeting with Narendra Modi help. It would all depend on the mood of the government and also how serious the federations are about the cause.

What federations must do

A mere agitation or strike alone will not suffice. The federations must go in for a hard bargain with the government. Before the National Anomaly Committee meets, the federations have to relentlessly negotiate with the government.

Only a tiny ray of hope

If one looks at the letter written by the Department of Expenditure, all hopes of a minimum pay hike are over. Basic minimum hike and fitment factor are not an anomaly, the DoE said while leaving no scope for the NAC to even consider this matter. The only ray of hope would once again be the mood of the Prime Minister.

How will salary increase

There are clear indications that the 7th Pay Commission would be the last. The government does not intend setting up anymore pay commissions in the future. It has decided that the pay would increase on a yearly basis taking into account the inflation. There is however nothing final on this aspect and through 2018, the government is likely to work on it.

Only frustration remains

At the end of it, with a bad recommendation from the 7th Pay Commission and also the government turning its back on the CG employees only frustration remains. All through October, the government gave indicators that it would increase the pay to Rs 21,000. Arun Jaitley, Union Finance Minister himself had said that these issues would be considered. However at the end of it, the betrayal was probably one of the biggest for CG employees.

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