Departmental Anomaly Committee for Railway Staff to settle the anomalies arising out of the “implementation of 7th Central Pay Commission’s

| November 30, 2017

The Secretary (E),
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,
Sub: Departmental Anomaly Committee to settle the anomalies arising out of the “implementation of 7th Central Pay  Commission’s recommendations-reg.

In continuation of above cited references, the Federation furnishes additional material on Item No. 17 pertaining to Phannacist category to facilitate the DAC to discuss in the ensuing meeting. Attention is also invited to NFIR’s letter of even number dated 09/06/2017 on this issue of which Item No. 17 of the enclosure is relevant (Annexure-I).

Federation also encloses an Item under heading “grant of Additional Allowance to the remaining categories of Running Staff viz., ALP’ Sr. ALP, LP (Shunting), Goods (Guard) together with copy of Board’s letter No. PC-VII120I7/R-U/38 dated 2011112017to NFIR for discussion in the second meeting of the DAC (Annexure-Il).
So far as the subject on ‘Technical Supervisors of Railwayso’, is concemed, the DoP&T vide F. No. lIl2l2016-JCA-I(Pt.) dated 30’n October 2017 has since advised the Secretary (Staff Side) that this being Railway specific item, the Staff Side may take up at the Department Anomaly Committee of Ministry of Railways. A copy of Note pertaining to Technical Supervisors of
Railways is also enclosed which may be clubbed with Item No. (xviii) sent to Railway Board on 08/11/2017(Annexure III)

Annexure I

The Commission has failed to appreciate that the category of pharmacist possessing the upgraded qualification of 4 year Degree (Technical) has not been considered on par with the other categories of staff holding Degree qualification. The study report submittedb y the IIM Ahmedabadw hich forms the basis of recommended pay scales to all the employees of the Central Government, does not contain the category of Pharmacist, apparently, the Pharmacist category has not been studied for the purpose of granting appropriate Pay Scale.
In view of the prevailing situation the case of Pharmacist deserves to be review by the Anomaly Committee for grant of at least GP 4600/- at the time of appointment.


Grant of Additional Allowance to the remaining categories of Running Staff viz., ALP, Sr. SLP, LP Shunting, Goods (Guard)
Railway Board vide letter No. PC-VII/20l7/U7/5/5 dated 10/08/2017 issued instructions for grant of revised rates of Additional Allowance to the Running Staff viz., Loco Pilot (Goods)/Passenger/Mail-Express/MotormaSnr,. Passenge(rG uard) and Guard (Mail/Express) w.e.f. 01’t July 2017 without covering the remaining Running Staff
belonging to the categories of ALP, Sr. ALP, LP (Shunting), Guard (Goods) etc. ln this connection, Federation contends that the remaining Running Staff have been discriminated against wrongly ignoring the fact that there working conditions and responsibilities are akin to those Running Staff who have been granted revised rates of Additional Allowance.
Federation further contends that the ALP, Sr. ALP, LP (Shunting) and Guard (Goods) are also part of Running Staff for all purpose, therefore they also need to be covered for grant of Additional Allowance like other Running Staff to avoid the feeling of de-motivation among them.
NFIR, therefore, requests the Railway Board to review the case afresh and issue instructions for granting Additional Allowance to the ALP, Sr. ALP, LP (Shunting) and Guard (Goods).

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