Railway Board’s instructions on “LARSGESS” – Safety Category staff seriously disappointed and disturbed – kind intervention requested

| November 17, 2017

No. IV 34/Part 16
Shri Ashwani Lohani,
Railway Board,
New Delhi
Dear Sir,

Sub: Railway Board’s instructions on “LARSGESS” – Safety Category staff seriously disappointed and disturbed – kind intervention requested.

Ref: (i) Railway Board’s letter No. E(P&A)I-2015/RT-43 dated 2711012017 .
(ii) NFIR’s letter No. lU34lPart 16 dated 081IV2A17 addressed to Member staff’ Railway Board’

NFIR brings to your kind notice that the Railway employees belonging to safety categories covered under LARSGESS (mainly Track Maintainers, Loco Pilots etc.,) are deeply disappointed over the Railway Board’s instructions dxed 27^ October, 2017 to the General Managers to stop implementation of LARSGESS till fuither orders. Even in those cases of safety categories staff whose retirement under the LARSGESS was approved and their wards were selected and medically found fit, the appointment orders are not issued. This action has been causing further frustration and demoralization among the staff.

In this context, NFIR brings to your kind notice that in the wake of GAISAL accident (nearly one and a half decade back in N.F. Railway) and spate of derailments during the period 2001-02, then Railway Minister had decided to hold National Safety Workshop at New Delhi ‘ and accordingly two days National Workshop was held on l2th & 13fr July 2003 in which the delegates belonging to Track Maintainers, JE/SSE (P. Way), Pointsmen, Station Masters,
JE/SSEs (C&W), Loco Pilots, ALPs, ESMs, TCMs and Group ‘C’ Engineers of different Technical Departments participated. tn the said National Workshop, the delegates of various categories were allowed to speak fearlessly on the deficiencies of the system, accordingly the participants have availed the opporrunity and higblighted various problems, system’s deficiencies and difficult working conditions. On the 2″o day of the National Workshop before
reaching conclusions, the Railway Minister interacted with the CRB and Board members and thereafter in his concluding address he had announced Safety Related Retirement Scheme to be introduced in the Railways to facilitate retirement of Track Maintainers and Loco Pilots in the interest ofpublic safety as well safety of Railway employees and appointment of their wards vice them. Pursuant to the said announcement, SRRS was introduced vide Railway Board’s order dated 02″d January 2004 which was further improved vide Board’s letter dated 116 September, 2010. Thereafter during the year 2014, a few safety categories have also been brought under the ..LARSGESS”.

You may kindly appreciate from the facts vide Para 2 above that the Safety Related Retirement Scheme (SRRS) is not meant to give concession to anyone. The scheme allows safety staff to retire when they feel that they are no longer capable to perform duties very efficiently and on retirement, their wards to be inducted vice them in recruitment grade pay, so that young blood will be able to perform well and contribute for safety and efficiency.
As the Hon’ble High Court of Punjab & Haryana has directed the respondent Railways to revisit the said policy keeping the principle of equal opportunity in public employment, the Railway Board have issued order vide letter dated, 2711012017 to stop implementation of LARSGESS on all the Zonal Railways. NFIR however, expresses its surprise and disappointment over Board’s order dated 27/1012017 to stop implementation of the scheme on
other Zonal Railways also even though Court’s direction is at the best applicable to the Northern Railway jurisdiction. NFIR views that the Railway Board’s decision dated 27110/2017 is an excessive action, inviting resentment and agitation from Railway employees in general and those belonging to safety categories in particular. While we note that action to file SLP in the Apex Court is on hand, we are unable to appreciate Railway Board’s instructions to the General Managers of other Zonal Railways to suspend implementation of LARSGESS. Federation
therefore seeks your kind intervention to get Board’s decision d,ated 2711012017 modified appropriately, to facilitate GMs of other Zonal Railways to continue to implement the LARSGESS.
Incidentally, NFIR brings to your kind notice that due to certain decisions of CRB in the recent two months period, morale of the staff in general and safety staff in particular got enhanced, but sadly, the stoppage of the implementation of LARSGESS on the entire Indian Railways has been causing demoralization effect on staff. Federation hopes that you would kindly take note of this avoidable situation for making appropriate course correction immediately so that the LARSGESS is continued on remaining Zonal Railways. Federation hopes that the
Railway Board at the same time handles the case successfully in the Supreme Court for continuance of “LARSGESS”.”Federation also requests to kindly convey the hurt feelings of staff to Hon’ble Railway Minister before it is too late.

Yours faithfully

Dr. M.Raghavaiah) .
General Secretary

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