7th Pay Commission: Latest updates on reduction of pay gap, good news soon

| September 20, 2017

One of the biggest issues that the 7th Pay Commission failed to address was the pay gap. It was 1:12 and then made 1:14 under the new pay panel. Central Government employees feel this is a major issue and needs to be addressed. Now the government has decided that in the new year there would be a new pay scale. It is almost certain that the minimum pay would be hiked from Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,000.

We are realistic about the issue: A top government source said that the issue of pay gap will be addressed. We are realistic about the issue and have considered the demands made by the CG employees. At first the government was in two minds about the reduction of pay gap. The government has almost decided that there would be no pay commissions in the future and the salaries would be hiked on an annual basis. However the government now feels that if the pay gap issue is not addressed, then the government employees would have to wait until 2019. The government wants to address the issue by this year itself.

Finance Minister in the loop: For the sake of a better living, Central Government employees need a reduction in the pay gap. Leaders say that it is a difficult situation, but they would continue to fight for it. The Finance Minister has said in several meetings that the issue will be addressed. He said that he had promised the CG employees that he would look into the matter and will not go back on his word. Government employees have been demanding for a long time to pay ratio should be minimised. They have also demanded that Rs 25,000 should be the minimum pay in the new pay scale and the fitment factor will be higher than the 2.57 times approved by the government based on the pay panel’s recommendations.

7th Pay Commission will always be the worst: For CG employees the 7th Pay Commission was a cruel joke. Not a single demand of theirs’ had been met in this pay panel. All pay commissions in the past had made up the pay gap between the lower paid employees and the top officials from second Pay Commission 1:41 ratio to 6th Pay Commission 1:12. In the first pay commission, the pay of the top bureaucrats was 41 times higher than the employee earning the lowest. The future pay commissions however reduced the ratio from 1:41 in 1947 to about 1:12 in 2006.

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