Railway Board issues instructions on Transfers of staff on Zonal Railways

| July 9, 2017


No. E(NG) I-2017/TR/13                                                                                                                New Delhi, dated 30.06.2017

The General Managers (P)
All Zonal Railways,
Production Units & RDSO, etc.

Sub:- Transfers of staff on Zonal Railways.

As the Railways are aware, in terms of extant rules as contained in Board’s letter No. ERP/PortaI- Transfer/2013 dated 30.04.2014 once the mutual transfer order of non-gazetted railway staff is issued, the senior person should be relieved first and the entire exercise may be completed in a week’s time. In case of one-way request transfer, although no time period has been prescribed by Board for relieving an employee after his transfer order is issued, instructions exist that even for oneway request transfer, the requests should be dealt with in an organized manner so that there is no occasion for any grievance in the mind of the staff in regard to their handling of their request.

It has been brought to the notice of Board that orders for inter-railway/inter-division transfers are issued, after proper verification of vacancies, feasibility assessment etc. However, staff on various zones/divisions in spite of issue of transfer orders are not being released for several months and sometime for years together on the plea that either the reliever has not arrived at or there are significant number of vacancies to be filled up, causing hardships to staff.

Hon’ble MOS(G) has viewed the situation seriously and desires to be apprised of the position on a quarterly basis. Zonal Railways are, therefore, advised to submit status report indicating gradewise numbers of non-gazetted employees who have not been relieved to join their new establishment even after the issuance of the Transfer Order alongwith justification therefor.

The information as on 31.05.2017 may be sent immediately so that the position can be put up to Hon’ble Minister for his perusal. From now onwards, updated information may be sent to Board every 3 months without any delay.

(K. Meena)
Deputy Director Estt.(N)
Railway Board


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