Railway Board instructed all senior officers to remain at their Headquarters during Budget Session

| January 15, 2017

Sub:- Presence of all senior officers at their Headquarters during 11th Session of the 16th Lok Sabha and 242nd Session of Rajya Sabha, (Budget Session) 2017

The Programme of sittings of both the Houses of Parliament i.e. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha during the Budget Session, 2017 that commences from Tuesday, the 31st January, 2017 has been circulated vide Board’s letter No. 2017/Parl./13/COSH dated 09.01.2017.
All senior officers in Board’s office, all GMs and Heads of PSUs may please remain available at the Headquarters during the Session period.

If, for any unavoidable reasons, it is necessary for an officer to proceed on tour etc., he/she may please keep the Board Member concerned informed. In this connection Board’s Circular No. 2008/Parl./15 dated 22.05.2008 which was based on Cabinet Secretary’s D.O. letter dated 08.05.20008 (Copy enclosed) regarding procedure to be followed for official tours during the Parliament Session may please be seen for guidance.

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