Further extension to 7th Pay Commission would make stronger case for Interim relief

| September 7, 2015

Further extension to 7th Pay Commission would make stronger case for Interim relief

Central government employees were expecting report of seventh pay commission to be out by the end of August. But at the last moment pay commission sought one month extension and government has given four months extension creating doubts in the minds of several lakhs government employees whether report will be submitted before the deadline of implementation of seventh pay commission or not. Deadline of implementation ends on 31.12.2015 and 7th CPC report  is required to be implemented on 01.01.2016 any delay in implementation would invite demands of Interim relief from various quarters of central government employees.

As we all know, the central ministry has extended the time period for submission of the 7th pay commission report for another four months. Days before this was announced, newspapers reported that 7th pay commission report will be submitted in another one or two months. The 7th CPC report may be submitted any time within this four-month period.

If the report is submitted at the end of December, the implementation of the 7th CPC may actually take some more time. In this situation, can we get an interim relief? This is a million dollar question but government would not like to pay any interim because it has already geared itself up to implement pay commission on 01.01.2016. Any extra money on pay commission may disturb all calculations done by Ministry of Finance. Interim will put extra burden on MOF which it seems is in no mood to give neither interim nor any kind of arrears. In all probabilities government likely to implement pay commission on time. Pay commission has also no reason left for further delays because it’s chairman Justice Mathur has already stated that extension was taken only due to some delayed inputs from government side rather than delay in preparation of report. Report is already on the final stages and by this time final dressing up of report might be going on. According to our sources by the end of September report would be ready to be submitted any time. MOF may take a month or two before taking final call on the report. Therefore report of seventh pay commission will be implemented on time i.e. 01.01.2016.   In a response  to a question raised in the Rajya Sabha, government has already clarified that there would be no need for an interim relief as the 7th CPC will be implemented in time without any delay. But now, in the present scenario, the Central government employees expect an interim relief

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