Improvement in Pension of JCO/ ORs

| November 29, 2013

Improvement in Pension of JCO/ ORs Armed Forces retired/discharged / invalided out of service prior to 01.01.2006.



Circular No. 515

Dated: 18.09.2013

Subject: Implementation of Government decision on the recommendations of the Committee Secretaries 2012 on the issues related to Defence Service Personnel and Ex-Servicemen-Improvement in Pension of JCO/ ORs Armed Forces retired/discharged / invalided out of service prior to 01.01.2006.

Reference: This office Circular No. 501 and 502 dated 17.01.2013 and Circular No. 512 dated 26.06.2013.
Kindly refer this office circular No. 512 dated 26.06.2013 under which some doubts of PDAs while revising pension w.e.f 24.09.2012 have been clarified by this office i.e. Term of Engagement, Re-grouping of Group, Equivalent rank of three Armed Forces, Rounding of Q.S.,Seeking information and Revision of Family Pension.
2. Some PDAs have expressed doubts regarding the term “rank and group last held” as to whether it refers to “rank and group” last held or “rank and group” for which pension has been sanctioned. In this regard it is clarified that the term “rank and group last held” written in the Para 1 of the circular No. 512 means “the rank and group for which pension has been sanctioned” as mentioned in the circular No. 501 & 502.
3. It is also reiterated that the pension may be revised to the pensioners as per existing provisions of this office circular No. 501 & 502 in the light of clarification as prescribed in this office Circular 512 dated 26.06.2013.

Please acknowledge receipt.

(G K Baranwal)

No. Gts/Tech/0167-XVI

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