Grant of House Rent Allowance-Guidelines

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Sub: Grant of House Rent Allowance-Guidelines-reg.

1.    G.O. No. FD 19 SRP 99, dated: 10.08.1999
2.    G.O. No. FD 14 SRP 2002, dated: 12.04.2002
3.    G.O. No. FD 10 SRP 2000, dated: 09.04.2003
4.    G.O. No. FD 4 SRP 2009, dated: 31.10.2009
5.    G.O. No. FD 29 SRP 2010, dated: 28.10.2010
6.    G.O. No. FD 7 SRP 2012, dated: 21.04.2012


BANGALORE, DATED: 19-10-2012

On the basis of the recommendations of the Official Pay Committee- 2011, State Government has revised the Pay Scales and Allowances of their employees with effect from 01.04.2012 vide Government Order dated: 21.04.2012 read at (6) above. Therein, it was also ordered that for the purpose of House Rent Allowance, the Cities / Towns and Other Places in the State were reclassified into four classes for the purpose of HRA with reference to the population based on the 2001 Census figures and the rate of HRA was also revised with effect from 01.04.2012 as follows:-

Population Classification Rate of HRA
25 lakh and above A 25%
5 lakh and above but less than 25 lakh B 16%
50000 and above but less than 5 lakh C 10%
Less than 50000 D 7%

2. The list of places falling under each of the above four classifications made for the purpose of HRA is given in the Annexure appended to this order and Government are pleased to issue the following guidelines:-

(i) While classifying cities, towns and other places for the purpose of HRA, the population of the core area of the Municipal Corporation, CMC or TMC as per 2001 census only have been taken into account. The population of the agglomeration/out growth areas has not been added to the population of the core municipal area for determining the eligibility of that municipal corporation/town/city for HRA.

(ii)    The rate of HRA admissible to the core area covered by a particular Municipal Corporation, CMC or TMC shall also be extended to the Urban Agglomeration of that municipal corporation CMC or TMC respectively. The enumeration of towns and cities is based on 2001 Census and the limits of Municipal Corporation, CMC or TMC and Urban Agglomeration wherever is declared shall be as notified by the Urban Development Department, in this regard.

(iii)    The provision of the Government Order dated: 09.04.2003 read at (3) above, according to which a Government servant will not be eligible for House Rent Allowance if his/her spouse has been allotted rent free accommodation/rented accommodation at the same station by the State Government/ Central Government/ State or Central Public undertakings/ Local Bodies/ Semi-Government Organizations/ Aided Institutions/ Co-operative Societies irrespective of whether he/she resides separately in accommodations rented by him/her shall continue to apply. However, where the husband and wife are working in difference stations, they shall be eligible to draw normal House Rent Allowance at the prescribed rates according to their entitlement.

(iv)The provisions of the Government Order dated: 31.10.2009 read at (4) above, regulating the grant of HRA & CCA to Government employees posted to any place situated within the jurisdiction of BBMP shall continue to apply.

(v) A Government servant shall not be eligible for HRA, if he/she is provided with rent free accommodation.

(vi)HRA is payable with reference to the place of duty, irrespective of the place of residence of a Government servant.

(vii)    The rate of HRA applicable to a particular Municipal Corporation, CMC or TMC shall not be admissible to places situated out side the border limits of such Municipal Corporation, CMC or TMC notified by the Urban Development Department. HRA is also not admissible to areas beyond the urban agglomeration limits of a particular Municipal Corporation, CMC or TMC as the case may be, as notified by the Urban Development Department.

(viii)    Admissibility of HRA during leave, suspension, joining time and training shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions of the Karnataka Civil Services Rules.

(ix)The licence fee payable by a Government servant to whom Government accommodation is available on a rental basis shall be the licence fee fixed by the competent authority in accordance with the provisions of Appendix-IV of KCSRs or the house rent allowance admissible to him whichever is more.

(x) These orders shall be applicable to all full time Government servants who are governed by the provisions of the Karnataka Civil Services Rules and who are on time scale of pay.

(xi)These orders are also applicable to (a) full-time employees borne on work-charged establishments of Government on time scale of pay, (b) full-time employees of the Aided educational institutions and non-teaching staff of the Universities who are on time-scale of pay and (c) to employees who are drawing pay in the UGC/ ICAR/ AICTE/ NJPC scales of pay.

3.    This order is issued in supersession of all the earlier orders issued relating to HRA.

By Order and in the name of the
Governor of Karnataka


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  1. ramanana reddy says:

    I want know the house rent allowance for wife and husband working in government office

  2. ramanana reddy says:

    i want to know how what is the house rent for wife and husband in government employees

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