Feedback of MACP meeting held on 27.07.2012 for Railways Employees

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Sub: _ Meeting of the Joint Committee on MACPs Anomalies. 

As decided in the National Anomaly Committee Meeting held on 17/07/2012, the

DOPT held separate meeting with the Leaders of Staff Side at North Block, New Delhi, Room No. 190 on 27/07/2012.

Discussions were held on following issues:-

1. Grant or MACP’ In the promotional hierarchy:-

The staff side insisted that option be given to individual employees in this regard to facilitate  him/her to opt for availing benefit of financial upgradation.

After discussion it was agreed to examine in depth for finding solution.

2. Date of effect of MACP Scheme:

The desirability of giving effect to the MACP Scheme w.e. f.01.01.2006 will be


3. Counting of total temporary status Casual Labour Service reckoning 10/20/30 years under MACP Scheme:


Official Side stated that this will be processed separately.


4. Treatment of employees selected under LDCE/GDCE Scheme:

In the light of the instructions issued when the ACP Scheme was introduced. The same policy be adopted and accordingly orders will be issued. In other words, those inducted through LDCE/GDCE Scheme, such induction may be counted as appointment and will be reckoned as promotion.

5. Problems faced in the identical Grade Pay:

It was agreed to issue instructions for granting additional increment for fixation of Pay in case of promotion to the same Grade Pay. Instructions in this regard will be issued to Ministry of Railways etc .

 6. Financial Upgradation Under MACPs, in the case of staff who joined another unit/organisation on request:

The Staff Side has pointed out that OM dated 01/11/2010 should be suitably Amended covering the staff who were transferred on request on reversion to the Unit/Organisation so that the total service rendered in the previous Unit/Organisation may be counted for MACPs. It  was agreed to be considered.

7. Extension of benefit of MACPS to an employee appointed in Grade where direct  recruitment element is there while ignoring service and promotion rendered prior to his appointment in that post:


Official Side reiterated that suitable clarification No. 5 of OM dated 09/09/2012 was already issued.

8. Stepping up of Pay of Senior incumbents at par with Junior incumbents as a consequence of  ACP/MACPs

Staff Side has explained the case of gross injustice done, more particularly in the Accounts Department of India” Railways wherein the incumbents who cleared the Appendix examination are drawing less pay than those who could not qualify the said examination and got the benefit of MACPs. The staff side insisted that this situation is leading to de-motivation among qualified staff and urged for rectifying the anomlies. It was agreed to consider and Ministry of Railways advised to send the proposal


9. Employees who got one promotion prior to 01/09/2008 and completed over two decades of service without benefit of promotion and are denied third ACP under MACPs:

After discussion, official side agreed that is a peculiar situation and assured to take action to rectify the situation. The staff side has insisted that in such cases third ACP should be straight away given to staff from the date subsequent to the date of completion of two decades of service after promotion. Official side appreciated the logic and reasonableness and agreed to considered.

Official Side apPft’Cialcd the logic and reawnablencss and agreed to consider.

10. Modification of recruitment rules particularly in Railways and upgradation granted by abolition of Pay Scale-Implementation of MACPs

The Staff Side explained that in the Railways the lower Pay Scales were abolished and posts were upgraded to the higher Pay Scales with revision of recruitment qualification and designation. In such cases the staff side insisted that entry Grade Pay as a result of upgradation subsequent to abolition of lower Pay Scales should be taken into consideration for reckoning 10/20/30 years of service for granting MACP.

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  1. ANUP SINGH says:

    Why government not agree for promotional hierarchy ?

  2. p ghosh says:

    a jr.clerk of gp.1900 is getting 2000 , but their next promotion grade pay is 2800 again asst loco pilot, if he get macp insted of 2400 will he get 2000? it is not justified.

  3. Dipak Kumar Sen says:

    Mail Guard shouldering higher responsibilities in same grade pay without any financial benifit on promotion but Sr.passenger guards are getting higher grade pay with financial benifits for performing lesser responsible job.

  4. deepak says:

    G.P. of UDC is 2400/-. On promotion after a long time to Asstt after 31 Aug 2008 he gets 9300+4600. He also not got the NFSG i.e. 4200, as the effective date of NFSG is 22.6.2011.
    But Asstt between 1.1.2006 to 31.8.2008 has got their pay fixed at 13860+4600.
    Nobody has sympathy with those employees who has contributed 20-25 years of their service.

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