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Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers on Base 2001=100

CPI(IW) Base 2001=100 Monthly Index Letter – MAY 2012



1.    All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the month of May, 2012 increased by 1 point and stood at 206 (two hundred six).

2.    During May, 2012, the index recorded maximum increase of 6 points each in Belgaum, Jharia and Coonoor centres, 5 points in Guwahati centre, 4 points in 8 centres, 3 points in 9 centres, 2 points in 17 centres, 1 points in 15 centres. The index decreased by 4 points each in Bhilwara and Guntur centres, 2 points in 4 centres and 1 point in 5 centres, while in the remaining 14 centres the index remained stationary.

3.    The maximum increase of 6 points in Belgaum centre is mainly due to increase in the prices of Rice, Groundnut Oil, Fish Fresh, Vegetable & Fruit items, Snack Sweet, Bidi, Cigarette, Refined Liquor, Pan Leaf, Toilet Soap, etc. In Jharia centre the increase of 6 points is due to increase in the prices of Masur Dal, Vegetable & Fruit items, Sugar, Snack Saltish, Snack Sweet, Country Liquor, Firewood, Clothing items, Doctors Fee, Cycle Rickshaw Charges, Repair Charges, Petrol, Toilet Soap, Washing Soap, etc. and the increase of 6 points in Coonoor centre is due to increase in the prices of Rice, Poultry (Chicken), Eggs (Hen), Vegetable & Fruit items, Tea (Readymade), Cigarette, Tailoring Charges, etc. The increase of 5 points in Guwahati centre is due to increase in the prices of Wheat Atta, Pork, Fish Fresh, Vegetable items, Snack Sweet, Tea Leaf, Tea (Readymade), Private Tuition Fee, etc. The decrease of 4 points in Bhilwara centre is due to decrease in the prices of Wheat, Vegetable & Fruit items, etc. and in Guntur the decrease of 4 points is mainly due to decrease in the prices of Eggs (Hen), Tamarind, Vegetable & Fruit items, Soap Nut, etc.

4.    The indices in respect of the six major centres are as follows :

1. Ahmedabad  205

2. Bangalore  212

3. Chennai    192

4. Delhi     189

5. Kolkata  197

6. Mumbai 208

5.    The point to point rate of inflation based on CPI-IW(General) for the month of May, 2012 is 10.16% as compared to 10.22% in April, 2012. Inflation based on Food Index declined marginally to 10.61% in May, 2012 from 10.66% in April, 2012.

6.    The CPI-IW for June, 2012 will be released on the last working day of the next month, i.e. 31st July, 2012.


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